Media & Publicity Officer


The media and publicity is responsible for the internal and external ‘face’ of EWB, ensuring that we engage with our members as well as maintaining effective communication with other people in the university (including academics) and external organisations. In general, the things that this officer is responsible for are the first port of call for someone wanting to become more engaged with EWB Bristol.


The officer is responsible for keeping the website up to date with the latest descriptions of the projects, and out of date information needs to be removed. The banner on the home page needs to be kept current with the latest information.

Twitter & Facebook

The officer is broadly responsible for keeping the Twitter and Facebook feeds up to date with upcoming events, interesting news relevant for our members as well as responding to questions and queries.


The officer is responsible for designing posters in keeping with the EWB-Bristol brand to promote events, projects and much more.

Document & Presentation Templates

The officer is responsible for maintaining the updating the word and powerpoint document templates, as well as ensuring people use the correct EWB Bristol email signature when sending external emails.

Who would be good for this role?

The ideal candidate would be someone proficient in basic graphical and document editing, as well as using wordpress for updating the website. They should be reasonably adept at using social media and ideally have a creative flair to ensure EWB Bristol..