Wind Turbine Project


This project was completed in the academic year 2014-2015. If you have any ideas in relation to this that you would like to undertake with our support, email any of the project leaders.

Find out more about the history & aims of the wind turbine project with this presentation, delivered to The Bristol & Bath Professional Network in December 2012

EWB Bristol’s Wind Turbine Project was a project to design and build a 2.4m diameter wind turbine from simple and easy to source materials. The main aims of this project were not just to produce green energy, but also to engage Bristol students in renewable energy, during the manufacturing process of the turbine, and to promote renewable energy and micro generation to the wider community in Bristol, on completion.

In the academic year 2014-2015,  we assembled and balanced the blade hub, cast the alternator and finished the electronics, and designed and constructed portable structure to be used at exhibits and events. A suitable location with planning permission must be found for Bath and Bristol’s wind turbines but in the meantime a smaller portable structure will enable us to use the wind turbine for education about renewable energy.

The turbine is based on the design by Hugh Piggott.