The Converging World

The branch partnership between EWB and The Converging World is one of mutual benefit. Through this partnership, we are able to help the charity and provide them with beneficial research, whilst gaining experience in research and analytical skills, as well as getting some hands on experience and potentially running international development projects.

The Converging World team are running three sub-projects:

1. A business report looking into the feasibility and proposed designs of solar powered mobile phone charging stations. This will involve research into hours of sun across the UK, size of solar array needed to produce enough power to charge phones, possibility of back up battery power etc. and then lead on to a period of coming up with potential designs, looking at their pros and cons and coming up with provisional costings. This will hopefully feed into a more hands on project next year if we get the funding to actually build something for TCW

2. Research into anaerobic digestion for use in Tamil Nadu. This will involve research into different designs, how they work, what inputs and outputs they require etc. and will produce a final list of data that will be needed from the area in order to make a decision about what would be appropriate there. There is also opportunities to organise day trips to see examples in the UK and learn about how they work in a more hands on way.

3. Getting involved with an eco-restoration project in Tamil Nadu. This is yet to be confirmed as possible, and exactly how we can get involved will depend on the opinions of the guy who is running it. If you are really interested in the eco-restoration project, there is an opportunity to come to a meeting I have with some members of TCW and Joss, the man behind the project, on Wed 22nd. More information about that next week.

if you want to find out more about the converging world, take a look at their website here:

To get involved, email Lydia King at